introducing science

At the Prep School, science is considered to be an integral and essential component of the whole curriculum.

When our pupils learn science they are obtaining a set of skills and a body of knowledge that will be essential for life: for work, for pleasure and for creativity in the future.

Science is not taught simply to prepare pupils for qualifications and we strongly believe that scientific learning in the early years extends and enhances natural curiosity by providing children with the opportunity to apply and further develop the common skills that they have already mastered.

From Year 3 up to Year 8, all science is taught by specialist science teachers in the six state of the art science laboratories.  Pupils develop skills to make the best use of the considerable wealth of resources, specialist equipment and apparatus and ICT available to them. Our Pre-Prep pupils from Reception to Year 2, learn science with their form teachers but enjoy regular trips to the laboratories to discover and investigate the subject further.

Science at the Prep School tends to be very practical and hands-on. In every lesson, our pupils will enjoy a practical component and often this will go beyond the confines of the syllabus. Pupils are encouraged to explore a range of scientific areas; satisfy their own intellectual curiosity and develop their abilities to reason and then draw worthwhile conclusions. Parallels between science in a laboratory and an industrial base are also regularly made.

Clearly, science is a demanding subject. Our aim is to provide the children with the strongest possible foundations for the work they will tackle at Senior School, so that they may not only be successful but also enjoy the subject and develop an understanding of the world around them.