A Typical Day

No two days are ever the same at Sedbergh Prep School, but outlined below are the before and after school routines for our boarders.


07:00: Wake up
07:20: Optional morning sports clubs
07:30: Breakfast
07:55: Teeth and Tidy
08:00: Music Practice
08:25: Into School for registration


17:00 - 17:45: Boarders' supper and registration
17:45 - 18:30: Prep supported by academic staff
18:30 - 19:30: Activities
19:30 onwards: Showers, snacks and teeth
20:30: Year 4 and 5 lights out and Year 6 reading
20:50: Year 5 lights out and Year 7 reading
21:10: Year 7 lights out and Year 8 reading
21:30: Year 8 lights out

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Children can telephone home after the evening activity, using either the House telephone or their personal mobile phones which are collected in and locked away by House staff when the bedtime routine ends.

Overseas boarders from countries with significantly different time zones can arrange points during the school day at which to phone home.

There is also the facility for boarders to email on request and/or Skype from the House office and pupils are also encouraged to write letters to parents and/or other relatives.

Parents are always welcome to visit and the level of informal communication between staff and parents is therefore naturally high. The Housemaster/mistress will contact the parents of new boarders regularly over the first few weeks to reassure them that all is well and to resolve any queries or concerns.

For those parents who are unable to visit frequently, special arrangements for communication can be made as appropriate, using email, Skype or regular phone calls to ensure that parents are kept fully informed of their child’s progress and welfare. Parents’ meetings are arranged around exeat weekends or holidays to be convenient for boarding parents.



Three delicious meals are served each day and are carefully planned by the School's Catering Manager. Menus are published a week in advance and individual food allergies are catered for by the in-house team. Morning, afternoon and evening snacks are available to all and boarders can be found be tucking into cereal, fruit, smoothies, tea and toast throughout the evening in each House.

Tuck brought in from home is handed in to a member of staff. It is kept in the store cupboard and children can ask for it after supper time on Wednesday and Friday nights and over the weekend.


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