Boarding Options

School Goats

The majority of boarders at Casterton Sedbergh Preparatory School stay with us on a full or weekly basis, however the School also offers other boarding options to meet the needs of families and pupils. Boarding is open to all pupils from Years 3 to 8.

  • Full Boarding is for children who are with us all week. As well as holidays, the Prep School has an ‘exeat weekend’ each side of the half term breaks, when full boarders will go home.
  • Weekly Boarding is for children who are with us from at least Monday to Friday night each week and either return on Sunday night or Monday morning.
  • Tri-Boarding is a step between weekly and flexi-boarding. Children may select any three nights during the week that they would like to board.
  • Flexi-boarding enables pupils to board for any period of time from occasional one-offs to a regular one or two nights per week. The more flexi-boarding nights that are booked each term, the less the cost per night.

We understand that getting used to boarding can take a little time and new boarders are given special consideration and care. When a new boarder arrives, everyone within the House is responsible for helping him or her to settle into their School home, but they will also be given a 'buddy'. This more experienced boarder will support them in learning routines, forming friendships and gives the new boarder another person to turn to with questions. Our established boarders actively look forward to the opportunity of becoming a 'buddy' and taking on this important responsibility.

Room allocations are rotated on a termly or half-termly basis to encourage new friendships.