Pastoral Care

Cookery Club

At the Preparatory School we are committed to encouraging the development of each child as a whole person.  To this end each child has a Form Tutor who meets with the children each day to discuss their social, emotional, physical and academic development.

Communication between subject teachers and the Form Tutor happens via each child’s Prep Diary into which teachers note down any successes both in the classroom and around school.  During form time at the end of the day, Form Tutors have a chance to talk to each child individually about the successes of the day and then can also address any areas of concern.

At the Prep School we greatly value manners, kindness, thoughtfulness and common sense and reward such behaviours each week with a Service Merit presented in Assembly.

Service to our community is an important theme and the Year 8 children have the opportunity to apply, by handwritten letter to the Headmaster, for a variety of jobs to ‘serve’ the School.  Examples of these jobs would be Peer Support, ICT Technician, Librarian, and Reading Buddy. Once interviewed by a member of staff, any child given a job then forms part of the ‘S’ Team and are recognised in Assembly for their achievement.

New children at the School are given a ‘Buddy’ who is responsible for helping them settle quickly into the routine.  Buddies sign contracts so that they understand exactly what is expected of them.
We are proud of all we achieve in terms of our pastoral care for our children, who are both nurtured and learn how to nurture others.