The Performing Arts Overview

At Sedbergh Preparatory School, we encourage all pupils to immerse themselves with the various branches of performing arts, be it music, dramatic art or speech. As a school, we set out to enable as many pupils as possible, of all ages and standards to experience performing to public audiences and displaying their creative talent.

At every level, we strive to make our pupils independent learners, well-prepared for the next stage in their development. By Years 7 and 8 the curriculum is planned largely, though not entirely, according to the Scholarship and Common Entrance requirements of the leading independent senior schools.

Our approach is designed to help pupils:
Our unique curriculum facilitates opportunities for the children to discover, apply and communicate what they have learned at every step. It is more than a list of content to be memorised; it is a scheme of work that promotes active engagement, creativity and independent learning in the classroom. This will prepare pupils for the demands of the modern workplace and the challenges that they will face in later life.