As an educational organisation that leads in the field of theatre arts and the spoken word, we maintain that the development and use of communication and language are at the heart of a child’s learning. LAMDA examinations provide a framework for learning, with achievable and measurable goals at each stage of the process.


LAMDA offer exams in speech and drama, designed to help develop communication, language and literacy skills. These provide a platform for children to gain confidence, work as a team, hold a conversation and participate more fully in their society.

When preparing for and taking a LAMDA Performance Examination the student will learn how to prepare and plan which is an invaluable skill for life. The student will find his/her own flexibility in changing to suit their environment be it physically or vocally. They will gain responsibility, resilience and reflecting skills. They will be able to articulate their own thoughts which will connect to and support their performance in all subjects. Their confidence and competence will grow along with a real sense of achievement.

Introductory Exam

This is to help develop communication skills, encourage confidence and provide an introduction to reading and poetry.

Communication Exam

This helps pupils prepare for interviews, make presentations and provides a platform for those careers where such skills are important.
 An appreciation of literature
 Skills required to organise arguments and ideas into structured speeches
 Confidence in speaking both in conversation and to a group
 Presentation skills
 A clear and focused speaking voice
 Positive body language

Performance Exam

These can provide paths to work in acting, theatre and the teaching of performing arts, as well as personal development through a wide spectrum of interests.
 Awareness of the space around them
 Vocal confidence and physical presence
 New ways of looking at the world through dramatic exploration
 The ability to relate to other people
 An understanding of the impact of language and communication.