Sedbergh Prep upils playing the piano

Music is a gift to mankind which is to be enjoyed. Our aim is to encourage and nurture this enjoyment in our pupils through all facets of the subject: creativity and composition, listening and analysis, movement and dance, instrumental and rhythmic skills, aural development, singing, solo and ensemble performance activities and score reading. 

At Sedbergh Prep we recognise the profound impact that music can have on a child’s development and the unique way that it interweaves with all subjects within school.  Musical performance is encouraged, nurtured and promoted through singing (both solo and communal) and through the playing of musical instruments. 

We firmly believe in promoting and providing “music for all” whilst encouraging and enabling those who excel to be the very best that they can be. Music is taught by expert tutors in 1:1 music lessons for beginners through to advanced students. It is delivered in the classroom as a core subject by a music specialist and encouraged beyond the curriculum via a plethora of instrumental and vocal ensembles, thus promoting the study of both academic music and performance skills.  

Music binds the school together in key events throughout the calendar year: house music competitions, the Christmas carol service, termly church and chapel services, lunchtime recitals, Exeat concerts, Half-Term concerts, weekly music assemblies, musical workshops and tours. The department forges key relationships with other subject areas through cross-curricular planning and the staging of regular productions.  

All pupils are encouraged to express themselves musically and achieve a high standard of musicianship, whatever their ability. Music is accessible to all, yet there is also expert provision, tuition and extension work for those who are musically talented and exceptionally gifted. All pupils are encouraged to do their best and to achieve as highly as they can. 

There are very few hours within the school week when the facilities available to the Sedbergh Prep Music Department are not in use. Music, for most, if not all of the school day, is usually audible in some form or another and thus it is a fundamental part of our spirit and our character.