School Policies

The following information and School policies can be requested from the Head’s PA, Mrs Jane Hartley :-

- Education & Welfare Policy for pupils with an EHCP

- Details of the number of complaints registered under the formal procedure in the preceding school year

- Academic performance during the preceding school year.

2022 ISI Inspection Report

Previous reports are accessible here

The Mulberry Bush and EYFS Ofsted Inspection Report 2018

Admissions Policy

Accessibility Plan 2021-2024

Alcohol Tobacco & Vaping Policy

Pupil Wellbeing & Behaviour Policy

CSPS Bus Policy

Code of Conduct for Supporting Sport

Complaints Procedure

Counter-Bullying Policy


Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

English as an Additional Language Policy

Drugs & Drugs Testing Policy

E-Safety Policy

Educational Visits (Non EYFS) Policy

Educational Visits (EYFS) Policy Guidance

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy (Reception Year)

Policy on Expulsion, Removal & Review

EYFS Policy for the use of Cameras and Mobile Phones or Devices

First Aid Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Medical Policies

Means Tested Bursaries Policy

CSPS Administration of Medicines Policy for EYFS (Reception)

Pupil Equal Opportunity Policy

Pupil Supervision Policy (including Missing Child & Road Crossing Procedures & Pupil Access to Risky Areas)

Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Safeguarding Policy

PSHEE Policy

PSHE (Including RSE) Curriculum Overview 2021-22

RSE Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Visitors' Policy

Special Educational Needs & Disability Policy

Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy

Stretch and Challenge Policy