Casterton Sedbergh Prep School Policies

The following information and School policies can be requested from the Head’s PA, Mrs Jane Hartley :-

- Education & Welfare Policy for pupils with an EHCP

- Details of the number of complaints registered under the formal procedure in the preceding school year

- Academic performance during the preceding school year.

2022 ISI Inspection report

Previous reports are acecssible here

The Mulberry Bush and EYFS Ofsted Inspection Report 2024

Admissions Policy

Accessibility Plan

Alcohol, Tobacco & Vaping Policy

CSPS Assessment Policy

Pupil Wellbeing & Behaviour Policy

CSPS Bus Policy

Code of Conduct for Supporting Sport

Complaints Procedure

Counter-Bullying Policy

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

Drugs and Drug Testing Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy (Reception)

Educational Guardianship Policy

Educational Visits (EYFS) Policy Guidance

Educational Visits (Non EYFS) Policy

CSPS ECT PGCE Training Policy

English as an Additional Language Policy

E-Safety Policy (incorporates IT Acceptable Use Policy)

Expulsion, Removal & Review Policy

EYFS Policy for the Use of Cameras & Mobile Phones or Devices

First Aid Policy

Health & Safety Policy

CSPS Marking Policy

Means Tested Bursaries Policy

Medical Policies

CSPS Administration of Medicines Policy for EYFS (Reception)

Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation

PSHE Policy

PSHE (including RSHE) Curriculum Overview

Pupil Equal Opportunity Policy

Pupil Supervision Policy

(including Missing Child, Road Crossing Procedures & Pupil Access to Risky Areas)

RSE Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Sedbergh School Terms and Conditions

SEND Policy

Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy

CSPS Stretch & Challenge Policy

CSPS Teaching & Learning Policy

Visitors' Policy