Prep School remote learning guide

Welcome to the Remote Learning Guide for Casterton, Sedbergh Prep School. We are proud to deliver the very best Sedberghian education for our younger childrenwhile they remain at home, both in the UK and abroad. 

As we reflect on both our own experience and that of colleagues around the world, we have refined our approach and embraced this period as an opportunity for growth. Remote learning is clearly different from our usual experience, but still encompasses a strong academic offering, careful pastoral care and a creative approach to extra-curricular activity. 

Built to last, we know that this programme of study will stand the test of time. 

Prep School pupils cover a huge range of growth and development from Reception through to Year 8so it is important to recognise how this will influence the aims of our remote learning and the means by which they are achieved. 

“Thank you for the proactive way in which you have prepared our children so this strange time of social distancing and isolation, the Sedbergh family feels closer than ever.” J Mycielski, Year 2 and Year 5 parent

“Just a huge, HUGE thank you to you all the staff for being utterly brilliant (as ever) in your planning and handling of this situation.” Year 5 Parent