All Year Groups 

  • Maintain exceptional progress in written English, reading and mathematics 
  • Build upon prior learning in humanitiesSTEM and creative arts 
  • Set age-appropriate limits on screen time 
  • Provide sensitive and individual pastoral care during a period of uncertainty 
  • Reinforce sense of Sedbergh staff, pupil and parent community through online interaction 
  • Motivate continued physical activity and good health 
  • Sustain engagement in extra-curricular activities 
  • Maintain wellbeing, happiness and love of learning 

Reception to Year 2 (EYFS and Key Stage 1) 

  • Continue outstanding progress in phonics 
  • Provide sustainable experience for working families 
  • Maintain rehearsal of fine motor skills, including handwriting 
  • Maximise individual attention in small working groups 
  • Gather evidence of attainment and progress 

Year 3 to Year 6 (Key Stage 2) 

  • Work towards independence in learning 
  • Maintain rehearsal of fine motor skills, including handwriting and typing 
  • Increase digital literacy and online collaboration 
  • Maintain breadth of curriculum 

Year 7 and Year 8 (Key Stage 3) 

  • Foster independent learning in readiness for Year 9 
  • Build sophistication in digital literacy and online collaboration 
  • Develop fluency in touch typing 
  • Maintain breadth of curriculum 

We have taken full advantage of our own experience of remote learning; taking encouragement from the hugely positive response and learning lessons where necessary.

We are so impressed with how the school has handled everything and all the effort the teachers have put into the online learning.M Stephenson, Year 1 and Year 3 parent

“We have been so impressed with the Microsoft Teams learning.  The children have learnt a massive amount about collaborating online and learning in different styles.” Year 4 and Year 7 parent

“Remote learning has provided as normal a routine as possible, my son has enjoyed having this to focus on and being able to stay connected to friends makes all the difference.” Year 5 parent