Parent Communication

The Prep School has always prided itself on its ‘open door’ approach to parental communication and it is vital to the remote learning programme that alternative channels of communication are sourced.  

Parent / Teacher meetings: The Prep School will be arranging a range of ‘virtual’ Parent / Teacher meetings around Half Term in order to discuss pupils’ engagement, attainment and wellbeing. 

Summer Term Reports: Lent Term reports will continue as normal. 

Email:  The first means of communication between parent and teacher should be email and should go to the Form Tutor in the first instance. Staff will also need to create space away from their screen and so whilst they will respond to weekday emails within 24 hours, parents should not expect an immediate reply to emails sent in the afternoon or over the weekend, for instance. 

Phone call / Video call: Where an issue remains unresolved, staff will schedule a phone or video call with either the parent on their own or alongside the child if appropriate. 

Thank you for your encouragement of the children through the videos. And for the extended support for us as parents in the blog. Thank you for the proactive way in which you, with your staff, have prepared our children.”  J Mycielski, Year 2 and Year 5 parent

“Just a note to say how massively impressed I am with your teaching and the time you have managed to give the children this week.” J Hynes, Year 4 parent

We have felt as though ‘nothing is too much trouble’ when we have communicated with staff.” 
Year 5 parent