Academic Study

Years 9-10

Lessons will continue as normal, except for the introduction of our “off-line lessons” in some subjects. Prep will continue to be set as per the prep timetable to enable independent study, as well as consolidating learned material.

After half term, pupils in Year 9 will continue in the optional subjects they have chosen for GCSE subjects, and will gain free time in the subjects that they are not continuing.  All pupils will continue in Maths, English and the three Sciences as normal.

Year 11

For Year 11 pupils, lessons will continue as normal until half term.  During this period, some teachers will nominate one period a fortnight as an “off-line” lesson, where work will be conducted independently by the pupil, away from a computer.  Prep will continue to be set as per the prep timetable.

Before half term, teachers will be setting assessment tasks which will be used to build evidence of the grades that we will be supplying to the exam boards as our judgements of their final likely grade in each subject.  This assessment will vary from subject to subject, but will be used alongside the pupil’s baseline GCSE grades, their mock grades and any coursework completed for that subject.  More information on this process can be found in the “Summer Exam Judgements” section.

After half term, we will be running a two week “Into the Sixth Form” course.  Pupils will have classes for the three or four subjects they have chosen for the Sixth Form, and this will be a valuable opportunity to “try before you buy” and test out their subject choices for September, as well as being a great chance to develop their learning in those subjects.

We will also be running a series of introductory EPQ sessions to introduce this qualification, and to get pupils started on the process of researching initial ideas for September.  The EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is an independent piece of research the majority of pupils in Year 12 will complete when they drop down to three subjects in October half term.  It is the equivalent of half an A Level, and is allows a pupil to research an area of personal or academic interest and is highly valued by universities.

Year 12

We will ensure continued teaching and learning for all our Year 12 pupils, as they build towards their A Level and BTEC assessment in Year 13.  The timetable will continue as normal for Year 12 pupils.

Throughout the Summer Term, tutors will be working closely with their tutor group to ensure all pupils get ahead with their UCAS applications, as they start to prepare for university entry.

Those pupils who are signed up for the EPQ will hand in what they have completed so far over Easter so that judgements can be made of their grade and ranking.

Year 13

For Year 13 pupils, normal lessons will continue until half term.  Our primary focus for our Year 13 pupils is to maximize the amount of evidence that we have to be able to form judgements of examination success.  As well as finishing course material, we will continue to revise and review A Level subject knowledge, as well as conducting a range of assessments so that we have proof of evidence of learning.  These teacher assessments will be combined with baseline grades, their mock grades and any coursework completed for that subject. More information on this process can be found in the “Summer Exam Judgements” section.

We will continue to offer our full support via tutors, including through the results period and for university applications.

After half term, for two weeks, we will be running Sedbergh Extra, a series of optional pre-University courses.

Quote from Y10 and Y12 parent: “Children are still held accountable for their learning and they receive positive feedback, either directly or through merit awards. It is teaching and encouraging self-discipline and independent learning skills. Resilience and resourcefulness in particular.”

Quote from Y11 parent: “I feel this type of learning is teaching a more mature approach to independent learning which can only benefit pupils in their future studies.  Our son has embraced remote learning with a very positive attitude.”

Year 11 parent: “The online (revision) questions and tests are extremely useful and are well focused and "bite-sized" to enable her to cover specific topics.  It's also excellent that she can "re-take" the Educakes for her own benefit to bed down her learning. The teachers have been available and responsive to 1x1 discussions.  Both for the set sessions when a teacher was supposed to be available, but also in response to e-mails.”