Sedberghians are busy. Their commitment to sports, the arts and a whole host of co-curricular and super-curricular activities are remarkable and when working remotely, we will continue to deliver out- of-classroom opportunities for our pupils.

Being part of a community is important to Sedbergh life and our collective activities make our community what it is. Every day our pupils will be able to watch a short assembly delivered by a senior member of staff; shared experiences and shared learning extends beyond the classroom.

Academic Societies are a regular feature of the Sedbergh School super-curricular life and will now have a formal position within the week on Tuesday afternoons. Pupils will be encouraged to prepare presentations for their peers to challenge their learning beyond the syllabus. For those not involved, this time should be devoted to independent reading; reading lists will be provided.

The Arts, Drama and Music will continue to be encouraged and whilst we encourage pupils to continue with their own passions, there will be daily engagement to encourage a sense of community when undertaking these subjects and pastimes. Paid-for LAMDA and musical instrument lessons will continue as normal through Teams.

Whilst in various states of social distancing and isolation, our pupils will have variable access to physical activities but we will be encouraging our pupils to remain physically active where possible and appropriate. The daily briefing will include a daily physical challenge with options to make this competitive or personally challenging where possible.

The Games department will be delivering a number of sessions for sport on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, which can be achieved at home. In addition to these live sessions, there is a structured programme of sport participation and skill building which can be completed depending upon space, equipment and states of lockdown.

In addition to the games programme and the weekly challenges, Thursday afternoons will be devoted to ‘House Time’ where Housemasters will deliver a programme of competitive, fun and community-driven initiatives so the pupils feel very much part of their houses.

Quote from Y12 Parent: “It has helped our son still feel part of school.”

Quote from Y10 parent: “Morning briefings are a really good initiative, with some challenges and daily announcements/messages.”

Quote from Y10 parent: “We are pleased that she is able to continue learning and stay connected with teachers and friends. It is particularly entertaining listening to her dramatic LAMDA sessions through the bedroom door!”