Remote Learning

At Sedbergh, we are using Microsoft Teams as our Remote Learning platform.  It is an app which all pupils and teachers can install on any device, and use it to safely and securely meet as a class, share documents, complete work, receive feedback and video chat.

Lessons will take place as per the school timetable, with the only changes being that lessons are reduced to 40 minutes, moving the majority of the day’s lessons into the morning, and moving Saturday’s lessons to Wednesday and Thursday (see “The School Day” section for more details).  Teachers in Years 9-11 will have the chance to nominate one lesson a fortnight as an “off-line” lesson.  All of these changes are designed so that pupils (and staff) do not spend all day in front of a computer screen.  We believe a balance of screen time, off-screen time, and other non-academic pursuits is crucial to the successful delivery of a rounded Sedbergh Education while we are off-site.

Teachers will be taking registers as normal at the start of every lesson, and will be using a wide range of learning resources to deliver our usual excellent education.  This will include use of video calls, small group chats, independent tasks, use of OneNote Class Notebook, online quizzes and group work.  Teachers and pupils can share their screens and talk through their learning.  Videos will be recorded so that if pupils miss a lesson for any reason, or if they want to re-cap the video of the lesson, these lessons will be saved and linked to in the class Team.

Pupils will receive timely and informative feedback on their learning through video chats, written feedback, live discussions and grades, all through our Microsoft Teams learning environment.

Year 9/10 Parent: “The 'live' lessons have been really good, and the school routine has been great for everyone.  Our children have really enjoyed remote learning and all the interaction last week. I think Sedbergh 'remote learning' is streets ahead of most other schools - well done and thank you.”

Year 10 Parent: “The ability to hear his friends asking questions etc during each lesson has really helped him to stay connected both to the lesson and to the school in general. He particularly enjoyed the maths lesson where the teacher split the screen - he was on half the screen and his doodle pad was on the other so he could take them through the sum step by step and stop at any point when someone had a question.”

Year 11 Parent: “We were impressed with how easy our son was able to adapt to this learning platform. He was able to just get on with it, taking the remoteness in his stride. Clearly well briefed before departing from Sedbergh”

Year 11 Parent: “During what is clearly a challenging time for everyone, I feel the remote learning experience has added to the whole working together - it is certainly keeping the ‘old grey matter’ alive and well in our house!”