The School Day

The School Day begins at 7:45am every week day, with our regular Daily Briefing email to all pupils, staff and parents, including a Thought For the Day, as well as our Daily Challenges.  This is also a time where tutors can have their daily check-in with their tutees.

Lessons begin at 8:30am, and are 40 minutes in length.  For the Lent Term we will be running a timetables of two lessons followed by a 30 minute break, followed by another two lessons, break and the final two lessons.  Saturday’s normal lessons are moved into Wednesday P5 and P6, and Thursday P5.  The final period on a Thursday is a period for tutor time and PSHE.

mm:hh Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7.45amDaily Briefing Tutor catch-upDaily Briefing Tutor catch-upDaily Briefing Tutor catch-upDaily Briefing Tutor catch-upDaily Briefing Tutor catch-up
12:10pmP5P5Saturday P1Saturday P3P5
12:50pmP6P6Saturday P2Tutor PeriodP6
AfternoonsGames ProgrammeAcademic Societies and private readingGames ProgrammeHouse CompetitionsGames Programme



Tutor Time

In the afternoons, we will be running a series of activities, including Games and Sport, our regular Academic Societies, House Competitions and private reading time.

Prep will continue to be set in line with the regular prep timetable.

Quote from Y11 parent: “The routine has been great, still having to get up and being disciplined enough to log on to each lesson”

Quote from Y11 parent: “As a result of our daughter having a structured day this has a positive impact on not just her but the whole family.”

Quote from Y10 parent: “It has allowed me to work whilst our daughter is at school. Hearing some of her lessons too has been great and it’s given me a newfound respect for her teachers.”

Quote from Y9 parent: “I’ve liked the structure to the day. My other children can do their work at any time which means they waste time. Logging on for specific lessons means our son at Sedbergh gets the work done in the time allocated and we can all plan our work / meals / exercise around this.”

Quote from Y9 and Y12 parent: “Excellent organisation of their day. Structured lessons and work to do. They have not felt at all cut off from the school. Teaching has been excellent and neither boy has struggled with any concept taught at a distance. Remote learning has also allowed me to continue working which while we are allowed to do so is essential.”