So long!  So long to recognise that competitive sport is good for the individual and for the school!  Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector – Ofsted, reiterates our long-held views that competitive sport builds self-esteem and confidence in the individual but maybe not everyone appreciated the link with academic excellence, here at Sedbergh we have – role models, heads of school who are straight ‘A’ grade students and who represent both our 1st XI Hockey and 1stVII Netball teams, confident team players who exude passion, discipline and organisation both in their studies and in their sport, who help build the school ethos that to do both is possible, worthwhile and rewarding. 

I agree with our Chief Inspector, it is not just about the facilities, it is about the attitude and here at Sedbergh we have a 489-year-old belief that competitive sport is essential to building the whole child, to giving them experiences and opportunities that will prepare them for life beyond school, teaching them about responsibility, working under pressure, working towards a goal. 

Competitive sport is back on the national agenda; my hope is that it kick starts all schools, not just independent, into using it as a tool to educate and inspire our next generation.

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