Reasons to be cheerful

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These must be unprecedented times! I have never been persuaded to write a blog before. But I suppose the world has changed, and I must change with it. I was given a whole host of things to write about, but I have put them to one side, and decided to write about my experiences of the last few weeks and begin with the positives this virus will bring to the world.

There is no doubt that we are nowhere near the end of it  and I shudder when I think of all the heartbreak ahead of us, but I think there is light at the end of the tunnel and when we have beaten this horrible virus, I firmly believe the Earth will be a better place.

Families are spending time together as a whole unit and doing things they have not done before. Life is simpler, and we have more time with our loved ones, and the key bonds we all have are being made stronger and stronger. That can only be a good thing.

Communities are re-energised and help groups are looking after the sick and elderly. People are not just thinking about themselves and putting others first. Before Covid-19, lives were so busy, and we had little time to ask how someone else is or go and get their shopping.

Technology is allowing us to virtually connect with each other like never before. My parents are in the vulnerable category and we can’t see them in person, but once we had taught them how to use Facetime (which took a while!) there has been no looking back.

And finally, I think we are all realising that the world is about people and not material possessions. Kindness is winning and we should all be proud of ourselves and especially the NHS workers, of whom words cannot do justice. The coronavirus hasn’t uncovered the true, terrible truth about human nature, it has merely exposed something we’ve always known, that there are good people who behave courageously in a crisis. 

The flu pandemic in 1918 led to the development of vaccines and antibiotics. The Second World War led to the creation of the NHS. So perhaps coronavirus will lead to the better, healthier and safer lives everyone.

So, I am not glad that this virus has emerged, and as the death toll rises, we all draw our loved ones nearer to us. However, when this is over, we will not revert to how we were before, it will be a new norm and it will be a better one.  

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