The Beauty of Books (Part one)

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From an early age I have always read a lot. Encouraged by two parents with a huge love of literature, myself and my brother learned to love words at an early age. Indeed, over the years there has been many a conversation and occasional argument on a book. We have continually passed books on and I am always keen to know what my family think of my recommendations. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. Indeed, in our recent virtual world, one of the most common questions on FaceTime has been “What are you reading now?”

I read books from all genres: from the old classics to recent bestsellers, historical fiction to easy reads, autobiographies to management books.  I like to dip into all sorts and see what I like. I have read a few incredible books in my life, lots of good ones and a few awful ones, which I confess I may not have finished. When I talk to pupils, I will often ask them what they are reading and sometimes give out a recommendation.

In a later blog I will expand on this theme and explain a (ridiculous) challenge I have set myself, but for now I will leave you with my top 5 ever books. You are bound to disagree, but surely that the whole point of best ever lists.

For me, on my desert island, I would have to take:

The Secret History              Donna Tartt

To Kill a Mocking Bird        Harper Lee

The Shadow of the Wind  Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Birdsong                              Sebastian Faulks

One Step Ahead                 Rod McQueen

Anyway, on with my challenge…..

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