2024 International Summer School Bookings are Open

Saturday 6th July – Saturday 10th August

Children aged 8 to 16 years

Bookings for our International Summer School opened before Christmas, and we’re thrilled to see a significant level of interest from families worldwide. Our diverse programme offerings, such as English + Multi Activities, English + Outdoor Adventure, English + Football, Leadership and International Relations, and a new addition for 2024, English + Creative Arts, have captured the attention of many.

This year, we’re organising the first two weeks at the Senior School campus, accommodating approximately 250 children per week. Following that, we’ll be at the Prep School campus for the next three weeks, hosting around 80 children per week.

For more details, you can watch our latest video below and please feel free to share with any interested clients.

Website – www.internationalsummercourses.org

Booking – https://sedbergh.heiapply.com/application/login

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