Sedbergh School is delighted to announce an excellent set of GCSE results that the whole school should be proud of.  This year, 41.7 per cent of results were graded A*- A grade and pupils achieved an overall pass rate between A*-C of 91 per cent.  

There was strong performance across the board with some subjects standing out in particular; Latin scholars passed with 100 per cent at either A* or A grade, Further Maths saw 75 per cent of students gaining either an A* or A grade and 71 per cent of Chemistry students achieved the same, our creative students performed well also with 69 per cent achieving A* or A in Art and Design. 

This year’s results show a strength in depth across the cohort with some impressive individual performances. Top performers with 11 A*s each were Maria Page and Will Ross, Josie Coulthard and Charlie Papworth both received 9 A*s and 2As whilst Harriet Bramwell achieved 9A* and 1 A.  Felicity Fairclough gained 8 A*s and 3 As with George Thomas and Maya Segger just one A grade behind. George achieved 100 per cent in his Art exam.

However, this year’s success goes deeper than the headline results. 

– The team which won the Girls National 6-a-side Championship gained 46 A* and A grades between them.  

– Will Ross and Harriet Bramwell gained 21 A*s and 1A and have received their results whilst shooting for the UK Cadet Rifle Team. Harriet was the highest placed Under 16 shooter in the National Championships in July. 

 – Charlie Papworth gained 100 per cent in his history GCSE as part of his 9 A*s and 2 As and represented the Welsh Academicals on the Rugby pitch.
– Molly Davies represented Cumbria on the Golf course and Sam Barrett, Robert Farrar and Alex Mullins, who play cricket for Cumbria, have 9A*s and 13 As between them.

Headmaster, Andrew Fleck said, “This is a fantastic set of results. It confirms the ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy which Sedbergh is known for. Pupils bring the competitive spirit into the classroom and exam hall, and excel. Excellence starts as a state of mind, which is transferrable from one activity to another.

In addition, and alongside the success of our most talented academics, there a whole host of personal triumphs to celebrate today – pupils who achieved grades, which are a great credit to them, their teachers and their parents who support us so wholeheartedly. We look forward to offering them our personal and private congratulations when term starts again on 7th September.” 

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