A Spirit Reshaped

We are delighted to announce our 500th Anniversary Campaign is now live!

Your support over the coming months will enable us to:

  • Build a transformative Technology Centre
  • Create additional fully funded Scholarships
  • Build all weather pitches for our sports teams
  • Support our site’s efficiency through our Green Investment Fund
  • Refurbish the Music Centre and Sports Hall at Casterton, Sedbergh Prep School

Above all, your support will help the current and future generations of Sedberghians realise their potential by providing them with the foundations of an education that is cutting-edge and in tune with our core values. 

Together we can achieve extraordinary things.  Together, we can help drive Sedbergh to be at the forefront of teaching and learning for young people.  You can now visit our website www.sedbergh500.com to learn more and read about our plans for the next 500 years of Sedberghian education! Thank you for your support.

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