Sedbergh School welcomed 30 children and seven members of staff from Cargilfield Prep School this weekend for an action-packed activity programme.

On arrival from Edinburgh they were greeted by a hearty tea of sausages and mash in Queens Hall before then settling in at their ‘homes’ for the next couple of days; the girls in Lupton and the boys in Sedgwick and Powell.

Rob Taylor, Headmaster of Cargilfield said: “All of my colleagues have commented on the friendliness of the community and – more than that – how impressed they were by the students at Sedbergh: cheerful, down to earth, well- mannered and caring.”

On Saturday everyone was up early for breakfast in House, followed by school assembly in Powell Hall and straight into a choral workshop with Choral Director and Powell Housemaster John Seymour and Director of Music, Chris Allinson. Cargilfield pupils sat amongst Sedbergh pupils.

Next on the agenda were some very popular drama games with Head of Drama Cathy Want, and then some CCF leadership exercises with Ian Christy. He put the pupils through their paces with memory games, teambuilding activities and looking at emerging leaders. The children were very excited to look around the armoury and asked lots of great questions.

After lunch in Queen’s Hall, the children headed to the Art Department with Laura Bolton and Abi Astin and, guided by Sedbergh pupils, they created flowers as props for the Little Shop of Horrors as well as doing some of their own Van Gogh style paintings.

Wasting no time after this, they were straight into a biathlon, which was great fun, a great challenge for some, and embraced by all. After a lacrosse session with Nick Hind, the children had tea and relaxed in House before getting some much-needed rest.

After breakfast on Sunday morning, Cargilfield’s Form 6 had the chance to sing in Chapel with the Sedbergh School chapel choir before walking up Winder with Joe Bird, Isobelle Page and former Cargilfield pupil Hector Wilson. The whole weekend was rounded off by a delicious Sunday Roast to fuel the journey home.

K. Collins

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