On Thursday afternoon pupils came together for the final inter-house competition of the term, House Unisons and Part Songs, with Carus House wining both cups. For Unisons, Robertson House came in second place and Evans came third. For Part Songs, School House and Hart House were runners up. 

Director of Music Chris Allinson welcomed everyone, thanking them for working incredibly hard and for coming together to get to this stage. He introduced the adjudicator, Dr Karenna Caun, a graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music who has been singing coach at Sedbergh for ten years and a mentor for the Associated Board of Music. 

Adjudicator Karenna Caun said: “House music this year came after a week of tremendous sporting achievement in the school, yet there was still voice and energy for an afternoon of splendid singing. House Unisons is a very special event.

Through the term there is much competition and many rivalries. There will have been many students forging friendships, and inevitably there will have been some falling outs, or disagreements, but making music and using our voices in this way reminds us that we can all work together.

Such endeavour raises us beyond ourselves and reminds us that there is a greater good that we can only achieve when we collaborate. It also reminds us of the power of music making, tells us that everyone has a musical contribution to make, no matter how little they consider themselves a musician.

The decision was very difficult indeed, but in the end, I gave the awards to those Houses that I felt not only achieved musical heights, but who also had the most power to move me with their performance and emotional honesty. Many thanks to the whole school for such an enjoyable event!”

Carus House performed ‘Sing’ by Barlow, Five Years’ Time, by Noah and the Whale, and for their Part Song, performed an arrangement by Ridsdale/Byrne-Watts of Rumour Has It.

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