Celebrating Flair and Imagination on Canvas

An important objective of Sedbergh School’s Art Department is to develop visual literacy by encouraging and supporting imaginative and perceptual abilities through a variety of media. Under the direction of Head of Art, Laura Bolton, the Art Department is a hub of artistic flair and imagination. One of the Department’s brightest and most inspired stars is Year 13 pupil, Jolly. Laura Bolton, herself a celebrated and award-winning painter, has taught Jolly for five years.

“Jolly has been fascinated by people and faces since a young age. She depicts her subject in a highly realistic way. Jolly’s exceptional colour mixing and her eye for detail is very apparent in all her paintings. She confidently records the feature of her subject matter and cleverly uses warm and cool hues with her colour mixing to portray her subject.”

Laura Bolton, Head of Art
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Jolly prepared this exceptional folio of work in response to Component One, The Personal Investigation aspect of the A Level course. Despite also being an accomplished photographer, for this folio of work Jolly chose to hone her skills using drawing and oil painting.

The visual arts allow Jolly, who is generally not verbally expressive, to display a huge amount of emotion and express her thoughts. Painting allows Jolly to be bold, which is evident in her well thought out compositions and the colour pallets she adopts in her work.

Laura Bolton, Head of Art

“I have purposely used bright colours to achieve a cheerful look to the paintings in doing that, the use of colours helps to bring out emotions or lack of emotions for example the use of dull colours for the twins make the figures look more concerning and lifeless as they should be.”

Year 13 Art pupil, Jolly
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Art is powerful and Jolly manages her gift with the utmost humility – a core value of Sedbergh School. The work in this folio has been on display at an exhibition at Farfield Mill and in the School’s main reception. We believe that these paintings will have a lasting impact and leave a legacy that will live on forever at Sedbergh School.

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