Challenge Week at Sedbergh School

After a busy school year, we could be forgiven for relaxing in the last week of Term. However, at Sedbergh School we embark on a week of activities in our Challenge Week.

Including all pupils and staff, we organised for over 20 different activities. Ranging from exploring Hadrian’s Wall, completing the National Three Peaks and Wild Swimming in the Lake District. As well as lots of outdoor activities, we completed a large amount of community service work throughout Sedbergh and the local area. As a School, we are committed to giving back and throughout the year, all pupils will complete a minimum of 2 days work of service.

Athletics Masterclass with Dean Macey

We were delighted to welcome former Olympian Dean Macey back to Sedbergh School, as he, alongside Head of Athletics Mr Toward, led an Athletics Masterclass for the week. Macey, who won 2 World Championship medals and a Commonwealth Games gold medal in Decathlon, covered all disciplines of athletics with the 20 pupils and ended the week with some fun relays.


This year, we finished Challenge Week with our first ever Sedbergh School Carnival. An incredible display of sights and sounds from the world of carnival; from music, acrobatics, dancing and performances. All week, pupils have been taking part in various workshops to hone their skills across a number of different areas. We send a huge thank you to all of the external support groups who came in to school to lead these workshops, and open our eyes to the wonderful world of carnival.

CCF Navy & Army

Both our Navy and Army CCF spent a few days at training camps during Challenge Week, focusing on teamwork exercises and showcasing their problem solving skills. Our CCF Navy pupils and staff headed to Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. A non-stop few days on assault courses, completing leadership activities and spending time out on River Dart. Our CCF Army pupils and staff were also put through their paces at Altcar Training Camp in Liverpool. Time spent on the range and working together to carry out instructions from the fantastic staff at Altcar made for a brilliant week of training.



Lead by Miss Westall, our energetic bunch of pupils practised incredibly hard all week in Thornely Studio to put together a mesmerising performance at the end of Challenge Week. As well as detailed choreography, our pupils also got to grips with stunts and showing off their acrobatic skills – and trust! As rehearsals continued, our Cheerleading group performed for local community group “Tea & Company” before their big performance at the end of the week.

Derwentwater Dawdle

Over the three days of Challenge Week, three different groups of pupils have taken on the Derwentwater Dawdle with Mrs Fletcher and Mr Barnes. After a climb up Walla Crag pupils ran around the Derwentwater lake shore path around the lake completing a total of just over 9 miles. Awesome work well done, everyone!


Geology Field Work Trip

Our Lower Sixth Geology pupils headed out on their first residential trip as Dr McGowan led a trip to the Isle of Arran. Although the start to their trip didn’t quite go to plan, with high winds cancelling their original crossing, it was a quick overnight night stay and in much calmer conditions the next day, our groups of pupils and staff made their way across. As the week went on, and the weather continued to improve, our pupils completed some fantastic work and have got everything they need to continue once they return in September as Upper Sixth pupils.

Grizedale Biathlon

Another fantastic outdoor activity for our pupils was taking in the sights and sounds of the Lake District on mountain bikes and by foot. Over some tough terrain, pupils and staff covered lots of trails and discovered some of the magnificent views from Derwentwater and Whinlatter.

Hadrian’s Wall

One of our largest groups for the week, walked along the famous Hadrian’s Wall. In the short time our pupils and staff had, just 3 days, they covered as much as they could whilst learning about the wall.

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Lake District Peaks

More Lake District activity for our pupils and staff, as a small group followed the route of the Lakeland 50 – a famous 50 mile run through the heart of the Lake District. Starting just south of Penrith, over the 3 days the group worked their way round, over and through various peaks in the National Park, before finishing the final bit of the route in Coniston. A fantastic effort by everyone involved.

National Three Peaks

A Challenge Week regular for Sedbergh School pupils, is taking on the National Three Peaks – Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis. Much like our Upper Sixth Geologists, the weather was against our pupils and staff in Scotland, meaning Ben Nevis wasn’t achievable so after a quick change of plan, the group made it to Glencoe. Thankfully, the rest of the trip went to plan, with the group conquering Snowdon and Scafell Pike on back to back days.

School of Rock

To coincide with our Carnival at the end of the week, our pupils and staff formed a fantastic 20-item band and put on a memorable show at the end of the week. It wasn’t just our pupils who were putting on a show, our staff band also put together a number of songs for the capacity crowd inside the Carnival tent. A fantastic occasion to mark a brilliant week.

Local Community Service Projects

Across the week, we had 8 different groups all dedicated to supporting our local community. From installing new, wheelchair-friendly picnic benches, to building and fitting new birdboxes and painting Morecambe Bay Foodbank, it was an extraordinary effort to cover as much work as our pupils did. Giving back is a huge part of Sedberghian life, and throughout a year, each pupil will do a minimum of two full days community work – but a lot will do much more than that.


Shooting at Bisley

Some of our Target Shooters headed to Bisley Shooting Ground, ahead of Schools Imperial Meeting this month, for some practice. For some of our pupils, it was their first time visiting so they spent this valuable time to get used to their new surroundings. It was a great week and some impressive shooting, with Year 12 pupil Carmen shooting a perfect score on her 900 yard practice.

Wild Swimming It is no secret that one of Mrs Christy’s loves is Open Water Swimming, and she shares this passion with many of our staff and pupils. Basing themselves at Rydal water, in the 3 days, over 80 pupils covered the full length of the lake.

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