Last weekend, the Bishop of Penrith, The Right Reverend Robert Freeman, led the Confirmation Service for ten pupils. He spoke to the candidates about today being their ‘yes’ to God – and God’s ‘yes’ to them.  

He explained that while some of us plan out our lives and careers, and others of us just take it a step at a time, (and that both are fine!), these pupils’ confirmation was about how they would approach all of that: their attitude, the way that they live their lives, their faith.

From left to right they/we are:

Alexander Von Meyer Zu Knonow

Sophie Kenyon

Anna Marland

Megan Kenyon

Harriet Bramwell

The Chaplain, Rev. Paul Sweeting

The Right Reverend Robert Freeman, Bishop of Penrith

The Headmaster

Matthew Ridley

Adam Sweeting

Hebe Holdsworth

Richard Burns

Lucy Bailey

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