It has been a week of culinary competition in Powell House. On Sunday afternoon nine boys spent a couple of hours sweating it out in the kitchen learning how to make marmalade under the guidance of our very own cook Teen Fisher.

The boys enjoyed learning new skills and the incentive that their finished marmalades would be judged by members of staff and then sent of to the Dalemain World Marmalade Festival spurred them on.  The boys included two pink grapefruits in their marmalade mixes to add a touch of the Powell Pink.

On Wednesday afternoon the boys hosted a marmalade tasting for several members of staff including the Head Judge, the Bursar – who took his role very seriously and made some very detailed and well thought out tasting notes on each of the nine marmalades on offer.

In the end, Johnny Lam’s (Year 13) offering was considered to be the first choice and was commended for the texture and “tang” he had managed to capture. 

We look forward to seeing how the marmalades fare at the festival in due course. 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday evening Mr. Wright organised the Powell House Masterchef Final. Henry Gray (Year 9) and Harry Heathcote (Year 10) went head-to-head in a three-course battle. 

Henry cooked a vegetable soup for his starter, a tagliatelle, and chicken dish to follow and finished with a rhubarb crumble. 

Harry opened with deep fried prawns, a mushroom and tagliatelle dish for the main course and served up an Eton mess for dessert. 

The judging panel of Miss Milliard, Miss McDermott, and Mrs. Tulloch were very impressed by the quality of the food prepared for them and took their time to come to an overall decision.

However, in the end, Harry Heathcote was decided to be the winner and will go forward to compete in the school Masterchef finals. 

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