The Easter break may mean a chance for a well-earned rest for some, but for our intrepid Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Gold teams, the first four days of holiday beg a little extra in the form of the Practice expedition. For the second year in a row, the Sedbergh Golds were not only on foot but on horseback too!

All groups set off on the Friday morning. The walkers headed to the sunny shores of Ullswater in the North Lakes, where they navigated their way unaccompanied first to Glenridding for their first night, then onto to the peaceful far shore of the lake and finally over High Street to their remote wild camp high in the hills at Hayeswater.

Despite exceptionally clement and sunny weather, the walking groups encountered significant snow on the summits and survived sub-zero temperatures in their tents at night, displaying high levels of competence and remaining delightfully cheerful throughout.

The horse riders headed out daily from their base camp at Stonetrail, near Ravenstonedale, learning to navigate on horseback across the fells and adopt different vital roles within their team to ensure accuracy and safety throughout. The team of four were exceptionally dedicated, and coped with every challenge presented to them, including a dramatic unseating, with maturity and good grace!

All 22 candidates have now successfully completed the training and practice phases and are ready to go forward for assessment at the end of the summer term. Huge congratulations to you all, for an immensely impressive performance.

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