As we assembled at the armoury at Sedbergh, those who had been on the trip the year before were pleased to observe more sun and less snow. The weather on the first day of shooting at Bisley National Shooting Centre in Surrey was agreeable and the squad shot at three hundred yards, getting to grips with the cadet target rifle.

After lunch, we moved back to five hundred yards which gave senior members of the team a chance to coach in windy conditions. It was pleasing to see everyone’s scores improve at the longer distance.

A meal out followed by bowling has become traditional R and R for one of the nights and this was enjoyed by all. Sunday saw us back on the range at three hundred yards with some excellent scores from many of the team including year nines.

During the afternoon, Sedbergh’s team of six, under management from OS and Queen’s Prize winner Mr John Warburton, beat Epsom College’s team in the B-Class category of the Malvern Cup to win gold medals. Top score was year nine Michael Fox (H) with 333. That afternoon we started shooting at 600 yards but the weather was against us and we capitulated as it continued to pour with rain and soak rifles, kit and pupils.

Monday was our day of long range shooting. We started at 900 yards where Vice-Captain Jonny Mells (W) scored an outstanding 355 (seven bulls-eyes in a row). Back at one thousand yards, Megan Kenyon (CH) stole the show with at 344, an extremely impressive score having just started shooting this year and at such a distance.

Hitting a bulls-eye at 1000 yards is comparable to lying outside Winder House and hitting something the size of a dinner plate at Evans House with no telescopic lens and only a sling to hold the rifle steady.

A cinema and pizza provided an enjoyable end to a tiring trip. The team would like to thank all the school staff with special thanks going to Messrs Matt and Toby Lehmann for spending eight hours a day on the range, sometimes in poor conditions, in order to coach, pass on advice and ensure that the pupils got the most they possibly could out of the weekend.

D E Nuthall

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