The annual Sportswomen’s Dinner took place in Queen’s Hall on Saturday with guest speaker and international fell-runner Ali Brammall. This is held to mark and celebrate the sporting season for sportswomen. Head of School Tamsin Brown, Sportswoman of the Year, received the Metcalfe Trophy from Ms Sdao, and was voted as Players’ Player of the Year. 

The first VIGAR cup for Team of the Year was awarded in honour of Katharine Vigar, (Lupton) 2002, the first lady winner of the Wilson. She was a sports all rounder and a hockey captain who attended Casterton before coming to Sedbergh. The cup is given to the coaches’ decision on Team of the Year. 

First team coach, Mark Shopland, said: “This year it was awarded to the first team hockey girls after a very successful season, where they made history for the school reaching a national play off against Bromsgrove. Unfortunately, the result didn’t go their way however this result shows great promise and potential for years to come.

The team has been phenomenal, particularly considering the fact that the team absorbed five new girls from the new Carus House. The girls gelled really well and ethos was fantastic. They all showed such a strong commitment to a Sedbergh team – the new girls jumped straight into it and they have all had a great season.

They beat Stockport and Kirkham for first time in the School’s history and scored over 100 goals. The team includes girls from  Year 11 – 13, as well as two third formers who made some appearances, Eliza Nelstrop and Georgina Boyd-Moss. All of the houses were represented. Co-captains Maddy George (R) and Ellie Thompson (C) depart this year but the rest of the team will return at the end of August for pre-season training followed by a pre-season tournament at Rugby, where we will be looking to defend our winners’ trophy. The team also has a joint Netball – Hockey Tour to Dubai in February to look forward to.” 

Ellie Thompson (C), said: “This team has shown more dedication to succeed than anyone could expect. The team gelled from pre-season in October, and the bonds between the members have developed during the season. Each practice session was undertaken with dedication and the members pushed themselves to their limits to achieve their potential. I wish every member of the team success in their future and know they will all get what they deserve. ‘

Maddy George said: “The girls hockey season of 2013-2014 has been the best Sedbergh has ever seen. The team has been like a family right from the start and the dedication and commitment every member put in was always second to none.

Throughout the season, we achieved a considerable amount, from beating Kirkham and Stockport Grammar for the first time ever to getting to the National Play-Offs match. I can easily speak on behalf of the team that winning the Team Of The Year Award means so much to us, simply due to to such a successful season and everything we have been through together this year as a team. Also, it would not have been made possible without our two amazing coaches, Mr Speight and Mr Shopland, who both bring such spirit to Girls Hockey at Sedbergh.”

Lucia Sdao, Head of Girls’ Sport, said: “It was a fantastic evening celebrating the history making year of Sedbergh Girls Sport, national playoffs, regional playoffs, XC nationals, HMC athletics wins and other successes. The Upper Sixth have been amazing sportswomen in every respect and we will be sorry to see them go. They have left a legacy for the youngsters to follow and we are confident that they have learnt a great deal that will keep the Sedbergh sports journey on an upward trajectory.”

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