1st XI Rugby Pre-season Hockey Tournament – Trophy Winners
We had a successful 2 days training in Sedbergh which included freezing cold ice baths, hill sprints and many variations of game play. On the Thursday we made our way down to rugby after a light session in the morning.

That afternoon we played a friendly match against rugby which consisted of 3 thirds of 20 minutes. We lost 3-1 as we lost our structure and our basic skills were not up to scratch. 

The following day, our group consisted of Cheltenham, who we drew with 1-1 and Greshams who we also drew with 0-0.

These results lead to us competing for the trophy. Our standard of play improved and we worked better as a team. Bromsgrove was our first match in this group and we drew 0-0.

Next we were up against Rugby, who we had played the day before. We became more clinical and our attacking play lead to more chances in the D, which we took advantage of and we won 3-0. Our last match of the tournament was against Cheadle Hulme .

Despite us being exhausted, our work rate didn’t change. We managed to keep our unbeaten statues and the end score was 0-0.

As a result to this, we won the trophy.  This successful preseason is a promising start to our season and it’s rewarding to see that our hard work has payed off. We look forward to our matches ahead of us. 

1st XI v Stonyhurst – Won 5-0
Our start was slow which meant our movement off and onto the ball was stunted. However, as the game progressed our communication improved significantly and remained consistent through out the match.

This allowed us to play a more attacking game and find passes to our forwards. This led to a 2-0 lead at half time with Anna Pateman Johnson and Cheza Millar both finding themselves on the score board. 

In the second half, we reacted better to miss trapped balls and our decision making skills were more suitable for the situation. As a result of this we were rewarded with more chances in the D.

This led to Jemima Cookson converting the 3rd goal and shortly after Josie Coulthard took the 4th. Our transfers from our defence improved and this gave our forwards more time. Issy Chamberlain took full advantage of this and scored off a skilful reverse hit. 

A 5-0 win is a promising start to our season and we look forward to our matches ahead of us. Georgie Boyd-Moss (Captain)

2nd XI v Stonyhurst – Won 3-0
After only one practice the day before, we stepped onto the pitch with our heads held high as well as our expectations.  The 2nds started well with the team working together allowing our attackers to post up and secure us a goal soon in the first 10 minutes.  

We all had trust in each other which meant that our transfers across the 3 defence were superb, this gave the attackers the opportunity to change direction if there was no option ahead of them. This opportunity created more space up front allowing our forwards to be available.  We fought hard and came to with a 1-0 result at half time, this put us in a difficult position knowing that we would need to score another goal and keep our defence strong.  

After a quick HT chat we were back to it, the team came back just as strong working well as both individuals and a team passing the ball through out, dominating most of the game. Eliza our captain for the game pushed the ball up defeating many defenders, pre scanning and finding outcomes, Alice Slattery posted up and deflected and strong ball from Emily Stuart.  

The work rate was high throughout the game. With a 2-0 lead we knew it was possible and achievable to gain another goal, so we fixed our game heads on and increased the intensity. This then led to Emily Stuart securing us a goal from superb build up play along the pitch from the team.

With winning our first match 3-0 I thoroughly believe that there are high hopes for this team and I am sure if we increase our work rate and skill level we could take 2nd team hockey to the next level and improve the face of 2nd team for the years to follow.  Eliza Twiddle (2nd XI Captain)

U15XI v Stonyhurst – Drew 1-1

The Under 15s got off to a good start despite only drawing the game having dominated possession. The Stonyhurst goalkeeper was outstanding, making many fine saves, however, Emily Dignan’s shot midway through the second half looked to have secured the win.

Unfortunately, a rare lapse of concentration in the defence allowed Stonyhurst to equalise from their only shot of the game. Many positives across the pitch with Cecilia Perex being the stand out player.  MPS

U14XI v Stonyhurst – Lost 2-0
The Under 14’s dominated possession with the front seven looking skilful despite their diminutive stature against a physically strong and tall Stonyhurst side. Unfortunately Sedbergh conceded two break away goals, one in each half, and were unable to convert any of the many chances created by the excellent Natasha Cookson and captain India Haydon-Wood. The girls will have learnt plenty from their first 11 a side game after only one practice, in particular moving the ball quicker. HLR

1st Netball v Stonyhurst – Pre season training games
A great start to the year with some outstanding play against a full strength Stonyhurst side.  Sedbergh dominated from the start and recorded four out of 6 wins in the 10 minute games.  Our U16’s slotted in well with the experienced returning from tour 6th form and although there is work to do this was a very pleasing start to the season.  LS

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