1st XI vs Millfield – Lost 7-0       Report by Georgina Boyd-Moss
The 1st XI girl’s penultimate game of the season was an annual fixture against Millfield. The girls experienced one of, if not their toughest games. Sedbergh was challenged by the competitive Millfield side, however in the first 20 minutes, Sedbergh matched their standard of play.

This was the best section of play the girls had displayed all season. Simple skills of individuals slipped after this period, and Millfield used each opportunity to their advantage leaving sedbergh 3 goals behind at half time. 

The second half was more of the same and sedbergh failed to perform as they had previously at the start. Again, individuals failed to carry out their tasks effectively, which meant Millfield were generously given chances.

Unfortunately, Millfield dominated the game and the few turn overs the girls did win, no outcomes were won from them. Well drilled short corners were the cause of many of the Millfields goals.

The 7-0 loss taught the girls some good lessons but looking when the girls play top class opposition, each and every player needs to be on the ball, knowing and executing their role. Results like these should be the catalyst to motivate each and every player to train hard and improve so that it doesn’t happen again.  

U16 XI v Millfield  Lost 6-0
This was the archetypal game of two halves and demonstrated exactly why we test ourselves against the best. Despite missing four key players at half time Sedbergh were unfortunate to be 1-0 down, having stuck to their game plan manfully.

By defending in numbers, tracking runners and making themselves difficult to beat, Sedbergh were able to counter the superior skill level of their opposite number and break down Millfield’s attacks and then counter attack. 

Unfortunately the girls lost sight of this plan in the second half and as a result conceded five goals, a total that could have been more if it had not been down to the sterling work of Holly Dale and Katie Gill.

Hopefully these girls were taught an invaluable lesson; when you compete against the best you have to make a tactical plan and then have the discipline to execute it for 60 minutes. In doing so you can use your strengths (grit, determination, fitness) to overcome superior skill levels and effect a positive result. 

Results such as these are not nice if you are on the receiving end but they are all the same very important; the memories of such experiences are the motivation for coming back tougher, training harder, getting better, doing everything to ensure this does not happen again – and that is why we are happy to put ourselves out there and accept the outcome. Well played Millfield, we will be back in a year to see if we have learnt some of those lessons!  MPS

U14 XI v Millfield  Lost 3-1
The under 14s took an early lead against a well organised and skillful Millfield side, despite the opposition controlling most of the play Flora remained untested in the Sedbergh goal.

With the girls having to do a lot of running to compete evenly their legs started to tire and they conceded midway through the second half. From the push back Tash Cookson managed to make her way around 3 Millfield players and slide a ball across goal that was narrowly missed by Jemima Sanderson.

In what was almost an exact replica move for the opposition their CF at the back post did convert and the home team took the lead. The girls fought bravely conceding a last minute short corner that they scored following a fine first save from Flora.  MWS

1st XI vs Wellington – Lost 3-0  Report by Georgina Boyd-Moss
Sedbergh were up again Wellington in their last match of their season. The girls needed to redeem themselves after their game the day before against Millfield. Although Sedbergh worked persistently hard throughout the match, it wasn’t enough to challenge Wellington in their D. 

Sedbergh started the second half a goal behind, however their defence transferred the ball effectively and found pockets of space in the centre of the pitch.

Here balls were received and distributed with good pace and accuracy to their forwards. Sedbergh had limited D entrees, of which they won 3 short corners. If Sedbergh had been more clinical, 2/3 of these short corners should have been goals.

This is where the girls need to take responsibility for their errors and make sure that they know that they are better than that and up their standards. Wellington proceed to score two more goals to make the final score line 3-0.

This talented team need to put in the extra miles in training before their next season, to ensure that they strive to be better, focus better and concentrate on their individual tasks better. Only then will they realise their full potential.  

U14XI v Wellington  Lost  3-0
Unfortunately this game was lost before the first whistle blew as the girls failed to listen to the pre-match advice, focus on the job facing them and back their ability against a much bigger and more physical Wellington team who were on point from the push back.

It was only after two cheap goals were conceded early on that the girls sorted themselves out, started marking their players and began to compete. The outstanding Tash Cookson carved out several amazing runs and it was only the brilliance of the Wellington keeper, who made three diving saves, that stopped Sedbergh from getting on the scoreboard.

As the game wore on both sides played well and created chances and whilst Wellington added a third goal late on, Sedbergh should take pride in the way that they played from minutes 10 to 60. Hopefully they will use the past two days experiences as motivation for the future.  MPS

U14 XI v Hymers – Lost 3-2
Two goals from Natasha Cookson were not enough to stop the under 14s from losing to a physical Hymers team. Cookson opened the scoring half way through the first half to give Sedbergh the lead, but two short corner goals either side of half time gave Hymers the lead.

Sedbergh responded immediately as Cookson nipped in front of the keeper to pinch the ball then rounded her to score from a tight angle. Sedbergh completely dominated the rest of the second half but they failed to make the most of the chances and then were hit with deadly shot right at the end. Whilst Sedbergh were very unlucky to concede a third goal with one minute to go, they had not played anywhere near their best.

After playing Millfield and Wellington in the week tiredness finally took its toll. Despite a disappointing finish however the girls have learnt a lot this year and I expect good things from them as they progress up the ranks.  MPS

U16 XI North Finals
Despite never really getting in to top gear the 16s managed their way through the group finishing runners up with a draw against Ripon and two wins vs Manchester High and Newcastle High. The side was certainly building as the day progressed, but they would certainly need another level in the semi final vs GSAL.  

Jemima Cookson provided the spark and was unplayable, beating her defender time and time again only to be denied by some brilliant saves by the Leeds GK. It seemed a certainty that Sedbergh would score in the second half, however the game plan didn’t quite work out and Leeds scored a break away goal.

Almost right away Jemima Cookson took it upon herself to get back on track and Issy Chamberlain slid through a ball for Jemima to round the diving keeper and score the equaliser. With the score at 1-1 flicks would settle the tie. 

Unfortunately the Leeds keeper made 3 outstanding saves to knock the better of the two teams out of the competition.   MWS


Senior Netball v Millfield  Won 43-25
A physical and tight game against our southern rivals with neither team being able to put out 1st teams due to hockey.  Sedbergh started hesitantly with miss placed passes and basic errors of footwork and ball handling taking their toll.  

A regroup at quarter time saw the team refocus and for the first time in the game Sedbergh began to play our fluid more direct style.  Excellent shooting stats by Turner and Lewin ensured that turnovers were capitalised on and Caudwell and Carberry controlled the opposition circle well.  An excellent score which did not reflect the tenacity of the game.  LS

Junior Netball v Millfield  Lost  43-19
Sedbergh started well, with some strong defensive work from Welsh and Silvester particularly against a fast Millfield attack. However, we struggled to break down their fast attacking play throughout the game, particularly the long feed into their GS.

The second half showed spells of good attacking play, however we simply could not erase our own mistakes to pull the game back our way. Overall, a tough first game of the tour but lots of positives to take from the experience.  IB

Senior Netball v Wellington  Won  47-33
An outdoor fixture which saw Sedbergh romp away with a strong lead at the end of the first quarter.  Lewin and Smallwood started in the shooting circle fed outstandingly by the Preston sisters, once again Carberry and Caudwell controlled the defensive circle.  

Thomas and Haywood turned plenty of ball in the defending third to enable our shooters to have plenty of opportunities.  The third quarter was decisive for Sedbergh winning 11-5, Turner making a difference with her speed and agility.  A good opportunity for the girls to play a different style of play and to once again put our tactics into play before the regionals in January.  LS

Junior Netball v Wellington Lost  47-20
Again, a strong start by Wellington meant that we were on the back foot slightly in the first half. However, we seemed to gain momentum in the 3/4 with some good attacking play from Heathcote, Tigere and Haywood.

We also worked hard in defence to regain possession, which sometimes worked to our advantage but other times we struggled to convert the turnover and make the hard work count.

The excellent intensity throughout the match meant that the girls never gave up, which was very impressive considering the circumstances. As a result, the U15 have lots to take away and positive things to work on heading into the netball term. IB

1st XII v Sherborne 2nd XII – Drew 12-12
This was a fast moving game, with many of the goals being shot within minutes of each other.
The team went full out from the start, wanting a win. 

The mids Murray, Long and Bock set up game play in the attacking fan passing the ball with speed and control for the attackers to take a shot. 

Many one on ones were taken into the attacking fan with Long, Bailey and Murray scoring from many of these.
The defence stayed strong and in formation as the ball quickly changed sides, defenders Churchouse and Fairclough proved to be a tough match for the Sherborne girls.

By the third quarter we were two goals up on the Sherborne team, however as the team tired penalties were given to the Sherborne attackers allowing them to even the score.
Goals from: Lucy Bailey, Murray, Long 

1st XII v Wellington 1st XII – Drew 6-6
This was a tough match played on tired legs, it took the team a while to get into the game. This lead to us being 2-0 down by the first quarter.

The Wellington team began to then make mistakes giving us penalties, which helped us move the ball into the attacking area for a shot on goal. 

By the second half mids Long and Murray had figured out a weakness in the Welly goalie, from this they began to shoot aiming bottom right allowing us to even the score to 4 all.

With tireless running from the defence we began to get the ball up into our attacking fan leading to us pulling ahead with the score bringing it to 6-5.

However the Wellington team stayed calm and focused leading them to get a penalty in the last minute evening up the score.
Goals from: Long x3 , Whitwell, Bailey and Murray 

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