1st XI Colours Awarded to Eliza Nelstrop

Congratulations to Issy Chamberlain who scored her 100th goal for Sedbergh this week.  

U18 ISHC National Cup v Cheadle – 0-0 Draw then won on penalty flicks, through to next round.
We knew this match would be our toughest game yet this season. The intensity of the game began from the start and we pressurised Cheadle heavily on the ball.

This caused them to make mistakes, which we took advantage of and drove into the D. On several occasions we missed the goal by only a couple of inches. We had other chances which we should have scored, but failed as we needed to be slightly more clinical. 

In the second half our play was near to faultless. We accelerated though our phases and our defensive decision making significantly improved. As usual, our work rate was very impressive and the entire team worked back when they broke through and started to pressurise us in defence.

Our consistent hard work throughout the game earned us a second chance to go through to the next round on penalty flicks. 

Chamberlain, Coulthard, Pateman-Johnson, Nelstrop and Boddy stepped up to take the flicks. Cheadle Hulme failed to score two goals which resulted in us only having to put forward four players.

Of which all of them scored under the high pressure and nerve racking circumstances meaning that we go through to the next round.  Well done girls.  Georgina Boyd-Moss

1st XI v Queen Margarets  Won 4-0
Our start to our game against Queen Margaret’s was our best start yet to any of our games. We transferred the ball from one side of the pitch to the other quickly and accelerated into space.

However we weren’t getting the final touch on the ball and failed to convert goals which should have been scored every day of the week. Our build up play was structured and very effective which won us many short corners but we failed to score them. Issy Chamberlain manage to score one from a drag flick meaning we were ahead by half time. 

After half time our level of play improved but we were still slightly lethargic. This affected the pace of our passes and our reaction times. Despite this we did become more clinical in the D. Eliza Nelstrop scored with a raised ball into the top corner.

Immediately after this goal we pressurised the QM push back and we won the ball which lead to Issy chamberlain scoring her second goal of the match. Our shots on goal became more accurate and we challenged the goal keeper, making her have to do more.

Josie Coulthard converted from our new short corner routine to finish the match with at 4-0 win. Our video analysis footage will highlight our weaknesses and strengths and we can work on these specific areas to improve them for our following matches. Georgina Boyd-Moss

2nd XI v Queen Margarets  Won 4-1
2nd team started off well, passing the ball around every position using the width of the pitch. We knew the opposition were strong but with our stick skills and speed we became confident on the ball, Grace a highly skilful midfielder played superb distributing the ball left, right and centre. 

We were given a few short corners through out the game, securing 2 goals from 3. There were short burst in the game where the play was excellent flowing all the way up to the oppositions defence allowing us to have many shots at goal. It is fair to say we need to become more technical in the D and be more aware of our surroundings.  

Overall I think this team has a very bright future, the grit and determination that this team show is very commendable. Yes, there are improvements to be made however from every match we are all gaining experience and learning something new as well as figuring out what we need to improve on.  

This match showed great team spirit and confidence in each other on the field, allowed many of our players to use there 3D skills to out run the opposition. This then led to resulting in a 4-1 win, a skilful game and one enjoyed by all.  Eliza Twiddle.

U16 County Hockey Final – County Champions and now through to North West Finals in November

16s sail through to North West with comfortable wins over QEGS Penrith 7-0, local rivals QES 5-0 and Austin Friars 3-1. Chess Cooke, Anna Pateman Johnson, Jemima Cookson and Issy Chamberlain all getting the score sheet multiple times. Issy Chamberlain recorded her 100th goal for the school when she scored the 2nd goal vs QES, a quite brilliant achievement.

This promising side march on to North West on the 17th November, where they will hope to qualify for the North Finals. MWS

U15B XI v Stonyhurst  Won 5-1
Sedbergh controlled the game, they used good ball pace which is important on the Stony pitch. Sedbergh moved the ball forward creating numerous chances.

Serena and Imara scored one apiece and Heathcote twice. Accurate transfers were a key feature and the game ended with an own goal by Stonyhurst on a short corne . Ellie Madden led by example wearing the Captain’s band giving good instructions.  HLR

U14B XI v Stonyhurst  Lost 3-1
This new team with some debuts learnt valuable lessons. Failure to move the ball on quickly meant they ran into trouble. Katie Gill bailed them out making some fine saves. More skill required from some, Woods strong at the back and Ainsley made some decent clearances.  HLR

U14 County Hockey Final – County Champions and now through to North West Finals in November

The U14’s played Trinity 2-2, played Kirby Stephen 3-0 and Keswick 2-0.  After another slow start the U14’s came good in games two and three and ran out comfortable County Champions.  India Haydon Wood and Scout Turner Richards scored three goals each but standout player was Tash Cookson.  MPS

1st XI v Barnard Castle Won 5-1
The first 25 minutes of the game against Barnard Castle was sensational! Sedbergh played one-touch hockey and transferred the ball quickly to build up play.

We scored an early first goal from our forwards navigating their way around the defenders and Anna P-J received the ball and scored in the bottom left hand corner of the goal.

Sedbergh continued to play at this high level which resulted to Julia Haywood converting a deflection off an accurate slip from Jemima Cookson. From many D entries, we won a short corner which  ran an effective routine that Imo Boddy scored from p spot.  

Sedbergh’s fourth goal was the best goal so far of the season as it consisted of many phases of consecutive passes. This development started with defence, who weaved the ball around the opponents and threaded it through to our attackers. Anna P-J scored her second goal of the match as a result of this.

Despite this, Sedbergh’s level of play dropped and the last 5 minutes of the half let Brown down. In this short period Barnard Castle scored off a short corner. 

After half time, Sedbergh unfortunately did not play the hockey that the game started with. Ball pace decreased and we passed the ball into contact. We had sections of play where we constructed the perfect ball for chances to score, however failed to convert these.

We only managed to score one goal in this half, which was in a short corner routine where Josie Coulthard scored off an excellent deflection. The last 5 minutes of the game was brilliant, however we need to learn to maintain this high standard through out the game not just in small sections. This means we conserve our energy and our style of hockey is more clinical. End score: 5-1.  Georgina Boyd-Moss

2nd XI v Barnard Castle   Won  2-0
The 2nd XI have secured another successful win this week against Barnard Castle. The ball stayed within our half for the majority of the game and it was looking like there was going to be a huge goal difference. However the Barnard Castle goalie was superb and saved a large percentage of our goals but we managed to work together and deflect 4 goal conversions.  ELAW

3rd XI v Barnard Castle   Won 4-0
An excited third team took to the pitch for their first game of the season and they did not disappoint. A brilliant display of attacking hockey saw the side score 4 goals without conceding. Goals came from Belinda, Imogen, Molly and Felicity. The girls are hoping to build on their impressive start when they go to St Peters York on Wednesday next week. MWS

U15 XI v Barnard Castle    Won 4-0
The U15s started well in the first 10 minutes moving the ball forward and Chess Cooke got into good positions in the D slotting 2 in from close range. Dignan added another before half time. The second half was less impressive with silly mistakes, some wild tackles and positioning errors.  However, Imara’s strike hit the target, 4-0 win.  HLR

U14 XI v Barnard Castle    Won 5-3
The 14A match was a very competitive game end to end . Our front 7 were awesome as has become the norm. Tash Cookson combining well with player of the match Kitty Barker to score 4 goals 2 apiece. Turner Richards and Haydon Wood made excellent leads and Scout scored from a deflection. The back four were too indecisive leaving players unmarked and making inadequate clearances .HLR

Jnr B XI v Barnard Castle    Won 5-0
This fledgling side of year 9 and 10s moved the ball well working effectively as a team. Aynsley made good decisions and Joelle Welsh controlled play from central defence and got on the score sheet. Smalley scored a hat trick at centre forward and Grace Charlton added the fifth to secure a 5 nil win. HLR


1st VII v Stonyhurst  Won 64-40
A brilliant game by the 1st team minus the 1st XI hockey players with an amazing amount of goals scored in an hour.  An end to end game against a skilful Stonyhurst team, every Sedbergh player showing consistency and an excellent work ethic.  

Ahead from the start Sedbergh were never in trouble and at times played some truly breathtaking netball with Lewin and Turner shooting from anywhere and making the most of the Caudwell and Carberry turnovers.  Slick play through the middle by Thomas and the Preston sisters ensured that Brown took a deserving win.  An excellent result against our local rivals.  LS

2nd VII v Stonyhurst  Won  27-24
The 2nds had a strong start to the game gaining an early advantage. The starting seven displayed strong passing and timing against a fairly physical Stoneyhurst side in the first half. As the game progressed, the second half proved to be very end- to- end, with excellent defensive play from both teams.

With the half time score certainly reflecting the game 15-15, the girls knew they had to push on to pull the game back their way. Slick shooting from Eden McGuire and strong circle defence from Isobel Bridle and Chess Cooke prevented them from edging the win. Overall a very well contested and exciting game. Final score 27-24.

3rd VII v Stonyhurst  Won 29-14
An excellent start for the 3rd VII who finished the game with a 29-14 win. Baxter and Wilkinson made consistent turnovers, resulting in an early lead for the girls once they had settled the pace and control through mid-court, with Haywood seemingly effortlessly converting their interceptions to goals.

Mention should also go to Murray who worked tirelessly at centre for the full match without any lapse in stamina or determination.  EH

U15 South Lakes Tournament –Won
The U15 comfortably won this tournament playing seven games and scoring 98 goals and conceding just 9.  Never troubled and the opportunity taken to mix and match combinations.  LS


Aegon U15 3rd round v Durham – Lost 6-4
Hollings, Burns, Haywood and Kanevskaya played some excellent tennis at the Puma indoor tennis centre in Sunderland in the next round of the Aegon Cup having won the Cumbria trophy.  

Durham managed to take the win with a couple of higher rated girls but the Sedbergh quartet pushed them right to the limit with all being on the last rubber.  Well done girls, great for Sedbergh tennis’s future. LS

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