1st IX v Durham  Won 19 – 16 ½ 
An excellent win from the 1sts who put in a stellar debut against Durham. Big scores from Duxbury, Peart, Cookson and Cauldwell (who hit the ball into the game on the next pitch) brought Sedbergh back up after a tough first inning due to some expert catches from Durham.

Quick and tactical fielding from Sedbergh and a strong batting performance from the whole team secured a close, but convincing win.  EH

2nd IX v Durham  Won 21 ½ – 4 ½ 
The 2nds had a convincing win against Durham school in their debut match 21 ½ – 4 ½.   After a slow start the team batted well in the first innings scoring 10 rounders with Isobel Bridle scoring 2 of these.

The stand out player was Lucy Bailey who hit strongly, ran at pace and caught well scoring 5 rounders. Richmond maintained good bowling throughout; varying her delivery to confuse the batters.

The highlight of the game came in the second innings when Sedbergh successfully caught 4 players out in succession. A good start to the season, the only loss 4 balls onto a busy road behind the pitch.  HLR

U15 IX v Durham Won 20 – 6 ½
U15’s secured a convincing win v Durham in the first outing of the season. Outstanding hitting by Cooke and Burns gave Sedbergh a strong 11-3 first innings lead with slick fielding by Welsh, Silvester and Bonham taking out Durham’s danger players.

Perex made the most of her batting opportunities and also took a breath-taking catch on fourth base delivered by strong arm Cooke to complete a double out. A game played in good spirit in the sunshine and an excellent performance ably captained by Blackhall. LS

U14 IX v Durham Won 15-12
An exciting first game for our U14’s with a first innings nail biter draw at 5 rounders a piece – the second innings saw diminutive Ellie Anderson flourish with a huge four rounder haul after some spectacular hitting over the heads of the Durham players and the speediest of runs around bases.  A great start to the season for the U14’s.  LS

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