U18 North Hockey Finals:  Finished 3rd in the group.  Report by Georgina Boyd Moss (1st XI Captain)
Pocklington 2-1 (win) 
Sedbergh were up against Pocklington in their first game of their group. In the short 15 minute halves of each match it was imperative that Sedbergh hit the ground running. A short corner was won early on and Sedbergh displayed an effective and well drilled routine off which Imo Boddy converted.

After a positive start Sedbergh continued to transfer the ball around their opposition which lead to an attacking sequences of accurate passes. The ball found sticks and Josie Coulthard assisted Cheza Millar in scoring from the back post. However, Pocklington didn’t ease off and one of their forwards drove with authority into Sedbergh’s D and hit a lifted ball which was unseen by Sedbergh’s goalie, Joy Stanley. 

Hymers 2-0 – (lost)
A brief lapse in concentration on behalf of Sedbergh in the first 5 minutes showed what damage can be caused when individuals fail to carry out their roles properly. Hymers jumped upon Sedbergh’s mistakes and after winning a short corner proceeded to score off a deflection to put Sedbergh behind.

Sedbergh regrouped and their quality of play improved. Sedbergh’s defence recovered possession by making critical tackles and distributed balls up the line to the forwards. However, failing to be clinical in the D meant possession was lost repetitively. Hymers scored their second and final goal from an unlucky defensive miss trap. 

Stockport 3-0 – (lost)
Former national champions Stockport dominated the first half as their passes and basic skills were consistent. A skilful Stockport centre-half caused trouble by outplaying her opposition with her decisive acceleration. This seemingly one way traffic meant Sedbergh were 2-0 down by half time.

Sedbergh levelled with Stockport in rare moments of dominance but failed to put their hard work onto paper. Again, individual errors from Sedbergh gave Stockport easy chances, which they took advantage of and scored their final goal. The girls can take a lot from this game, Stockport went on to win the final beating Leeds 3-1. 

U18 ISHC National Cup v Stonyhurst – Won 3-1


U19 County Netball Finals – Won – County Champions
A comfortable county final win for the 1st XI with no Cumbrian team really worrying this talented team, wins against QEGS Penrith, Keswick and QES with only 18 goals being scored against us in the three matches.  

Outstanding shooting by Turner and Lewin (who missed one goal all day!) and centre court wizardry by the Preston sisters, Thomas and Haywood ensured that Carberry and Caudwell had little to do in the defensive circle.  Confidence building stuff but the team know that we hit the other extreme in January when we play in the North Finals against the national winning Manchester sides.  LS

U15A Netball v Stonyhurst  Won 32-27
Another epic game against this strong Stonyhurst team, physical from the start with end to end play, Sedbergh always in front but by the smallest of margins at times.  

Good controlled play through the middle by Heathcote ensured that Haywood (80%) and Tigere had many opportunities and Cooke, Welsh and Dale yet again proved to be a defensive trio of high calibre with turnovers galore and cool calm play on the outlet pass.  Well done girls, a real scrap of a game but you came out on top again.  LS

U15B Netball v Stonyhurst  Won 23-5
A super win for this inexperienced side. Grace Charlton captained the team superbly and was the playmaker guiding the team to a 23-5 win playing in centre court.

There was accurate shooting from Kitty Mahon and particularly from Rosie Clifford in the last quarter coupled with accurate feeding from Lottie Burns. Added to this there was a virtually impenetrable triangle of defence from Alice Hollings, Lucy Mc Gowan and Perdie Blackhall.  

The girls outclassed a Stonyhurst side who allowed basic errors to creep into their game and we capitalised on this with well timed interceptions and accurate passing.  Player of the match – Grace Charlton. HJC

U14A Netball v Stonyhurst  Lost 20-13
The U14A’s came up against a strong Stonyhurst side on Wednesday, and an unfocused first quarter meant they were 7 goals down going into the second quarter. Play picked up with some flying interceptions from Haydon-Wood, and Page and Thompson began to hold their own against a physical defensive unit, closing in on the scoreline.  

Despite some great defence from Holdsworth and Simpson, the girls did not have quite enough to commitment in their attacking drives to take the lead in the second half, but they did begin to pick up the strategies we need to implement consistently to take on tougher and taller teams.  EH

U14B Netball v Stonyhurst  Won 27-10
This was a confident performance for the brand new under 14b squad. Despite having never played together before, the team gelled together well, communicating effectively and scoring an early goal from the first centre pass.  

Felicity Aynsely captained confidently and there were notable performances from Scout Turner-Richards as GA, Tash Cookson at Centre and Jemima Sanderson at GD.   An energetic first game.  ALK

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