Hart House Triumphs in Academic Challenge

After a fiercely contested competition lasting several weeks, Hart House were crowned champions of Sedbergh School’s Academic Challenge in March.

Hart’s four contestants – Luca Edmondson, James Griffin, Hector Panday and Morgan Robinson – beat Sedgwick House in a close final and took home the Griffiths Shield. This reversed Hart’s defeat at the hands of Sedgwick the previous year.

The final brought an end to an exciting year for the competition, which uses a style similar to the long-running BBC show University Challenge. Two houses would be pitted against each other to answer a series of challenging general knowledge questions, which could range from Classical history and mythology to modern science and bricklaying.

Sedbergh Classics teacher Sam Sharma asked the questions throughout the competition. He was impressed by the high standard of answers generally. He also noted that pupils had learnt a lot about teamwork and having a healthy attitude towards risk when attempting to answer difficult questions.

He said, ‘There were impressive shows of quizzing knowledge and buzzer speed throughout and many of the lower-placed teams did spectacularly against tough opposition. 

‘Hart managed to make the elusive combination of rounded knowledge, allowing them to take full advantage of the buzzer rounds, with speed and bravery on the buzzers. They learned from last year’s disappointment, took a lot of calculated risks, and managed a great win against a formidable Sedgwick team.’

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