In a well-fought, high-scoring and thoroughly entertaining final, Hart defeated Lupton by 300 points to 210 and thereby retained the Griffiths shield for another year and extended their run of consecutive victories to five.

In the semi-finals, Lupton had defeated Carus in a nervous encounter and Hart snatched victory from Sedgwick with the very last questions of a brilliant game. It now remains to be seen whether Hart will challenge a team from the Common Room to an unusual, and always intriguing thirty-minute match!

The House final was staged, as usual, in the School Library and, also as usual, the mezzanine floor was packed with eager supporters from both Houses, whilst staff and governors occupied the ground floor.

The four Hartonians all showed a broad spectrum of knowledge and speed on the buzzer. It would be fair to say that they held the initiative for most of the match, but Lupton never gave up or allowed the gap between the teams ever to appear unbridgeable. 

All eight finalists are to be congratulated as, indeed, are all the other players from other Houses who have the knowledge, and bottle, to take-on the annual Academic Challenge. We look forward to 2018!

M.A.F. Raw

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