One of the privileges of being Head of School is to own a goat, and Tom Robinson has a vision of adapting this ancient privilege for the benefit of others.

He has a very personal connection with this too. Rather coincidentally, his mother launched The Goat Project in Uganda in 2011. The Goat Project aims to promote self-sufficiency amongst one of the poorest and most marginalised groups in the world: disadvantaged women in Africa.

Tom¹s mother had been in Uganda before, in 2006, with aid for the orphans there, but she wanted to develop something that would be self-sustaining and self-perpetuating, hence the Goat Project was launched, and it operates very simply like this: Firstly, a woman is given a goat where there is a need: irrespective of age, tribe or religion.

Secondly, she commits to care for the goat and manage it, therefore the goat is of no detriment to the surrounding environment. Thirdly, she must return the first kid to the Project Overseer for allocation to another widow, which allows the project to grow and be self-perpetuation.

Fourthly, she cannot kill or sell any of the goats, for either a source of food or income, until a herd of five has been established and she becomes self-sufficient. Every boarding house has  taken up the opportunity to sponsor a goat, and if you¹d like to find out more about the Project, or donate, then please visit


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