A group of 17 Year 11 pupils at Sedbergh School took their GCSE Maths early this term and have achieved an impressive 3 As and 14 A* grades between them. 

Their class teacher and former Director of Studies, John Sykes, said: “All the members of this Year 11 class have shown a genuine enthusiasm for mathematics since they started their IGCSE course in September 2013. They themselves asked to take the examination early and their sense of commitment and determination in preparing for the January papers yielded some very pleasing results.

They are now working towards for the Further Mathematics GCSE examination which is proving an excellent preparation for the A level course which most wish to take up next year.”

The group includes Bailey VEJ (L), Bradley RD (S), Daniel A (S), Green WE (P), Guo X (CH), Kitney KKT (S), MacMillan FGB (SH), Mendoza Guerrero M (L), Moss BS (W), Page IL (R), Russell KR (R), Silvester MB (E), Smith TW (P), Tam PC (SH), Thomas JW (H), Wendt LJ (W) and Zhang MD (CH).

Earlier this term, pupils in lower years achieved some excellent results in the Intermediate Maths Challenge. This year, there are 7 Gold, 13 Silver, 10 Bronze, one qualification for the Maclaurin, and six qualifications for the Pink Kangaroo. 

Head of Maths, Caroline Morgan, said: “We wish them well with their Further Maths exam in the summer and with their Pink Kangaroos and Maclaurin, which take place on 19th March.  

After these, they could be invited to Cambridge University summer school or be on the Oxbridge radar for the future. It is the senior maths challenge that goes further – it is also set up as a personal challenge event.”

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