After nine months of careful stone masonry and joinery the refurbished Pepperpot is open for visitors. This century old landmark beside the Dales Way footpath has been rebuilt with generous support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Sustainability Fund.

The first floor has panoramic views and has been kitted out with seating, binoculars and information sheets about the flora and fauna of the local area.

In the coming weeks display boards will be installed with details about the history of Pepperpot and the Akay site as well as the ecology of the area. 

The inaugural event on 14th March saw Dr Downes and Mr Appleton lead Sedbergh School pupils in a night of star-gazing and poetry readings.

On Monday 21st March members of the Sedbergh Parish Council, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Sedbergh and District History Society and the Pepperpot Music Group were invited to Pepperpot to learn how the building can be used by the local community.

Members of the Cumbria Wildlife Trust pointed out the snow drops along the path and identified elements of glacial scenery visible from the first floor of Pepperpot.

Members of the Parish council expressed their pleasure in the attractive new community resource. Plans were made for bird watching and sketching events as well as discussion of future music and outdoor ‘play in the park’ style theatre based around the building.

Image – Brian Steadman

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