At the Powell House centenary dinner at the East India Club in London over 50 guests, including parents, current and  former staff, Friends of the School and Old Powellians listened to some amusing after dinner tales of what boys got up to in the rebellious 1970s.

Tim Bulmer and Nigel Barden, both Old Powellians, both of whom appear on the Powell House timeline, kept the guests amused with a very entertaining double act. Tim is an artist and Nigel a radio broadcaster and commentator but both could make a career as comedians.

Current parents and recent OS found it difficult to relate the school they know with the days when boys refused to sing in Chapel as a protest about not being allowed to grow their hair longer! 

Richard Witt, Foundation Director, said: “This was another great House celebration following on from the Winder centenary and  Hart 125th  last year.

Between the three houses they have raised £300,000  during the year of their celebrations for the Roger Lupton Scholarships, which will provide a life changing opportunity for at least three young men in these three excellent Houses.”

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