PRESS RELEASE: Sedbergh School wins coveted Boarding Schools’ Association award

We are delighted to announce that Sedbergh School has won the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) 2023 Award for Supporting International Boarders. Headmaster Dan Harrison says, ‘Sedbergh School has a proud history of welcoming international pupils and this award recognises the excellence of the welcome that the whole School extends to our international pupils.’ The goal is to ensure that every stage of children’s transition to Sedbergh is as seamless and exciting as possible; from transition, to settling in, to thriving whilst here – we support every step. 

Our welcome is founded in Sedbergh’s HARK values of Humility, Ambition, Resilience and Kindness. Through HUMILITY we place ourselves in pupil’s shoes to recognise what the pupil could be experiencing. That enables us to react with KINDNESS to the pupil’s concerns whilst embedding the AMBITION and RESILIENCE that characterises our pupils – and staff.

When we say that no detail is too small – we mean it. We asked a current international pupil, Clara from Switzerland, about her time at the School.

Would you recommend international boarding?

Definitely, yes. Firstly, it really helps you immensely with being more independent as you are away from your family back home, however, being at Sedbergh and being looked after by a Housemistress and other staff it is like having a second family and it is my second home. As a boarder there is always someone to talk to, if I ever have a question, there is always someone I can ask. The skills I have developed will definitely help me when I go to university. I have made many friends from all over the world like Hong Kong, Germany, France, Kenya and England. It is a completely different experience to what I was used to back in Switzerland and you get to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Sedbergh is a great place to live and study.  

Would you say that your time at Sedbergh has helped you toward your goal [of what you want to do after you finish school]?

I would say it definitely helped me because it’s way more independent learning. Here [in England] I have more homework with prep, which helped me. I’m quite good at self-learning and it helped me to organise my timetable. It has been great preparation and giving me skills I will need for university.

Did you use the EAL services?

Yes. I’m doing the IELTS exam. IELTS is really good because I’m thinking about going to university in England and for that I need to meet the English language standard. Having IELTS will also set me apart from other people when applying for further education. Having a certificate will also help when applying for jobs in order to prove my English level. I have received a lot of support from the EAL department at Sedbergh in preparing me for IELTS.

Did you feel that your academic talents were recognized and celebrated?

They are definitely celebrated in the school, during assemblies and on the boarding houses. I really like the reward system at Sedbergh, we don’t really have things like merits [in Switzerland]. I performed very well last term and was invited to the Headmaster’s commendation drinks which was a lovely evening. These events really motivate me to try my best.

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