Old Sedberghians returned in unprecedented numbers to Sedbergh last week as the school hosted a Sports Weekend involving hockey, netball and rugby matches. 

The event was a great success, with OSs from the 1960s being joined by record numbers of younger OSs coming back to participate. 

The weekend started with a second opening of the Hirst Centre, the school’s impressive new sports centre that was completed in July 2018. The centre includes facilities for basketball, badminton, indoor football, netball and tennis. It also has a medical room, changing rooms and a hospitality suite. It was named after former headmaster, Christopher Hirst. 

Later on, guests enjoyed an informal evening at the recently opened Black Bull pub in the village. Over 85 guests were treated to speeches by Mr Hirst and his wife Sara, who was instrumental in bringing girls to Sedbergh.

Sunday involved a netball tournament and an OS lunch, before a hockey match between the school team and an OS team, which the former won 5-2. In the afternoon, an OS team of staff and students played rugby against the Anti-Assassins touring team, winning 36-29 in an exciting, physical game. Principal, Andrew Fleck, said, “We were delighted to welcome Christopher and Sara back to Sedbergh and take the opportunity to thank them and all those who created this magnificent facility. We were delighted to see so many young OSs and enjoyed a weekend of excellent sport.”

OS Weekend, involving a drinks reception, a three-course dinner in Powell Hall and a chance to attend the School’s Remembrance Day Sunday service, will take place on 10-11 November.

Record Numbers Of Old Sedberghians Return Sedbergh Senior School 1

Record Numbers Of Old Sedberghians Return Sedbergh Senior School 2

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