What a brilliant afternoon was had by all the boys not involved in sports fixtures this afternoon. Mr Oliver had set up an inter house competition which would not just test the stamina and fitness of the best but require team work, determination and drive from all the boys as it was the last man in that stopped the clock. 

We gathered in the yard at 12:40 to plot our course; we were ably led by Porter, Campbell, Westgarth J and Bird, with good voice and leadership from Will Thornton. It was inevitable that the boys would choose to take Crook face on, up the steepest part of the hill; it was also inevitable that some would find it easier than others.

What was shown was true team spirit and camaraderie as the boys came together to get the strugglers (one of whom was the Housemaster!) to the summit. 32 minutes and 54 seconds later the final group crossed the line to a roar from the boys already there. 

It was a fantastic moment to be with the boys after such hard work at the top of Crook and to share the feeling of success with them.

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