Sedbergh Celebrate Retaining RNCCF Regatta National Title

Report written by Head of Sailing Dr Ripley

We knew we were in for an interesting weekend’s sailing with Spring tides and a light wind forecast for the Saturday.  The fleet launched into almost zero wind on Saturday morning and the race committee attempted two starts with a general recall on the first start but the tide and lack of wind forced an early lunch. After lunch there was a hint of more wind further down the River Lynher, so we moved down there and found some adequate wind but still bedeviled by the strong spring flood tide which was not just making the sailors’ life difficult but our race marks were perpetually drifting off keeping the mark boats busy. We managed to fit in 4 races for both fleets with some clear leading sailors making their mark. In the Argo fleet, it was clear that Exeter and Sedbergh were going to be vying for first place, though Taunton were giving them a run for their money. Meanwhile, Dollar and Sherborne were racing closely for the Fusion fleet with Toby H putting in some consistent performances with a crucial 1st place in race 3 which was to prove the tie-breaker in the final analysis. 

At the end of day 1, Sedbergh were in the lead overall with Exeter breathing down their necks.

Sunday was due to have much stronger winds, and as we got up the following morning the apparent wind was strong up at HMS Raleigh but since it was southerly, it was somewhat blocked down on the river. The wind was shifting through almost 60 degrees and as luck would have it, the first beat became a reach that those with clear vision could see. BUT there were holes in the wind and it took some time for some of the boats to even cross the start line with a strong ebb tide pushing them away from the line.  Sam and Millie appeared to have the first race sewn up, but a late charge by Exeter from the leeward mark meant that they were pipped at the post which evened up their scorelines.  Race 2 on Sunday was very challenging for most of the sailors and most (6/7) of the Argo fleet hadn’t even crossed the line by the (5 minutes later) start for the Fusions.  Taunton were the only boat to get away cleanly and took 1st place; Sam and Millie were able to get 2nd while their rivals, Exeter, had a nightmare and only came 5th but since you can discard your worst 2 races, this result didn’t count against them – they were tied with Sedbergh and tie-break rules meant that Exeter won the Argo class by a whisker!

Meanwhile Toby had been putting in consistent results to ensure that he got 3rd place in the Fusions. The Sedbergh combined score tied them with Exeter but this time the tie-break broke in Sedbergh’s favour as they had more 1st places than Exeter with Toby’s 1st place on Saturday being the deciding factor. 

Well done all and many thanks to the RN CCF staff who made it all happen. 

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