Sedbergh Certificate

Starting this term, we are proud to launch Sedbergh Certificate. An initiative designed to challenge our pupils, encourage academic initiative and aim to develop their independent learning skills.

Designed and launched by our Deputy Head, Mr Bennet, pupils are set creative and intellectual challenges across all subjects and are allocated points for every time they complete a challenge, with more points awarded for bigger bodies of work. Roughly, the guide is one point awarded for every hour of work given to the challenge.

The challenges are designed to capture the imagination of our pupils and for them to explore opportunities and discover more through independent learning and delving deep into learning. For our younger pupils, it is an opportunity to develop their independent learning skills and learn how to manage their time efficiently. Our Sixth Form pupils also benefit from the Sedbergh Certificate initiative through broadening their academic horizons to uncover a new love for a specific subject, and also to help strength CV and UCAS applications for when they leave Sedbergh School.

The top certificate winners from each year group will be recognised and prizes will be giving at our end of year prizegiving event, Speech Day.

We hope pupils enjoy the challenges as they compete for certificates. Sedbergh Certificate is designed to fuel pupils’ intellectual curiosity and help them on their academic journey during their time at Sedbergh School.

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