Sedbergh: Inspiration and Canvas

Sedbergh School is privileged to sit within the Yorkshire Dales National Park, near the border of the Lake District National Park, whose unique mountainous landscape of narrow glaciated valleys, shaped by 1000+ years of agro-pastoral land-use, is recognised by UNESCO World Heritage Convention as having ‘extraordinary beauty and harmony’. This remarkable landscape serves both as a canvas and a source of inspiration for Sedbergh pupils. Laura Bolton, Head of Sedbergh School’s Art Department is a passionate believer that art cultivates our senses, making us visually aware and visually literate, enabling us to interpret the world around us.


“Recording and engaging with this visual world around us is vital to us all, providing a spiritual haven for the photographer. The aims are not merely just to make memories but to portray scenes that have strong environmental messages and highlight key issues such as climate change. No, work embodies this more than the extraordinary photography of Year 11 GCSE Art pupil, Evan. In Evan’s work we can truly see that the possibilities of recording the environment and experimenting with the image are endless.”

Laura Bolton, Head of Art

“The inspiration for my photography mainly comes from the natural surroundings here at Sedbergh school. I love to capture the moment in time that has never been seen before and will never be seen again. One of the main focuses in my photographs are the clouds that are ever changing and can create some amazing uniform shapes.

To study Photography at Sedbergh is amazing. I love creating my own images and sharing them with the class. We all motivate and give feedback to one another which helps us all to become better photographers.”

Year 11 GCSE Art pupil, Evan
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