In February, top set and second set Mathematicians in Year 11 and Year 10 were entered for the Intermediate Maths challenge. This competition is open to anybody in the country. 

The results of this came back last week and, as a school, this was our best performance. Six pupils qualified for the next stage of the competition and the level of entry depends upon the score.

Five pupils qualified for the Kangaroo competition and one pupil, Bertram Tam (Yr 11, SH), scored 110 and qualified for the Olympiad, the higher level.

The five pupils sitting the Kangaroo tests were Yann Fayad (Yr 11), Phyllis Guo (Yr 10 CA), Doris Zhang (Yr 10 CA), James Thomas (Yr 10, H) and Tom Savage (Yr 11 SH). From the Kangaroo, Phyllis scored a merit and was invited to the Oxford summer school. Bertram Tam scored a merit in the Olympiad. 

Bertram Tam, 15, from Hong Kong, said: “I’m pleased with how I did and my parents are taking me to Japan for a holiday, as a reward for all of the hard work.

I will probably enter the competition again next year but ultimately, I see my future as one that uses Maths rather than something completely focused on it. I’m interested in Management. I came to Sedbergh this academic year and what is such a change for me is how the teaching style is inspiring rather than just about cramming information in. I’ve been able to go on Geography field trips and try new things.”

Caroline Morgan, Head of Maths, said: “The top set in Years 10 and 11 study further Maths GCSE and so have extension work to do which improves problem solving techniques, algebra, proof and graph drawing in particular, with a more rigorous approach than GCSE. This will certainly have helped but all six pupils are talented Mathematicians.”

All of the pupils plan to study STEM subjects at A Level and University and have ambitions to work in Engineering or related disciplines such as Management and Medicine.

Phylis Guo, from Bejing, said: “In China Maths is very important and so my parents are very pleased with this news. I plan to return to China after University – I came to the UK in search of a broader education and, though I am very focused on Maths for my future, I wanted to experience other things and one thing I have really enjoyed is Classics.

I think Maths helps a lot in other Science subjects and also in the logic needed for learning other subjects such as in Languages.”

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