Cheza Millar (L, U6), was selected to play Polo at U18 level for Kenya during the summer holidays. Cheza, from Niavasha in Kenya’s Rift Valley, played for the U18B Kenya National Side against Zambia U18s between 26th and 28th August.

This was the first international U18 tournament Kenya has hosted for some years and the national side was made up of some of the best players in the country, with Cheza playing off a -1 handicap and selected for her ability in midfield. Kenya won their match and Cheza was named Player of the Match by the Zambian team.

Last term, Cheza was invited to play Arena Polo for a Sedbergh/Marlborough team and she hopes to play again for Kenya next year.  She said: “I don’t play much Polo in the UK but at Sedbergh I’m Captain of girls’ athletics and I find that the hockey I play really helps to develop my hand-eye coordination. I was really nervous playing against Zambia, with adrenaline racing through me, but had a fantastic experience and enjoyed having first choice of the horses!” 

Cheza, who came to Sedbergh School from Pembroke House prep school in Year 9 started playing Polo properly around the age of 10. She is studying BTEC Sport and Business and hopes to study Sports and Exercise Science at a British university next year.

Of boarding at Sedbergh, she says, “It’s a different world here in Sedbergh compared to my home in Kenya but there are a lot of us here now from Pembroke House and we all really enjoy flying home together during holidays. Boarding has made me grow in independence and it really teaches you about other people and how to get on with different characters.”

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